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ACA National Dance List

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What is the NDL?

The National Dance List (NDL) is used widely throughout the Clogging fraternity in Australia. It provides a common curriculum for clubs in Australia and enables cloggers to participate in social dancing at any location around the country. It forms the basis for social dancing at the ACA National Clogging Convention and many other workshops. The NDL contains dances across five different levels:

  • Basic/Basic Plus (20 dances),
  • Easy Intermediate (20 dances),
  • Intermediate (20 dances),
  • Intermediate Plus (10 dances) and
  • Advanced (10 dances)

At the end of each calendar year, Australian Club Leaders have the opportunity to vote some dances off the list and to vote new dances onto the List. Dances voted onto the list cannot be voted off for at least 2 years, except in Advanced where they can be voted off after 1 year. Members can view more details on this process by logging on and visiting the Club Resources Page.

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Current National Dance List (printable)

Click the thumbnail below to download the current NDL as a printable PDF...

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Current National Dance List

The table below shows the 80 dances of the current National Dance List. Each dance has an associated cuesheet which can be downloaded by clicking the hyperlink of the dance title. If the column heading is underlined, it is a hyperlink and clicking it will sort the dances alphabetically by that column. The heading of the sorted column appears in red and the link is disabled. If you want to reverse a sort order for a particular column, sort on any other column, then re-sort the column you want.

#Cuesheet IDLevelNDL YearTitleArtistChoreographerTags
16792BasicPlus2019 Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad Melinda Schneider and Beccy ColeVickie DeanCountry, Australian, Convention 2019
212093EasyIntermediate2021 Young Again Morgan EvansSuzanne SymondsCountry, Choreo Comp 2021, Convention 2021
313916Advanced2023 You Need To Calm Down Taylor SwiftJohn Bishop Cheryl Holland and Peter WeePop, Storm King 2023
413643EasyIntermediate2022 You Make My Dreams Rascal FlattsLynda TurnerCountry Pop, Convention 2022
57346Advanced2019 You Gotta Not Little MixLeanne and Georgia NicholsonPop, Convention 2019
611726Advanced2022 Ya ll Means All Miranda LambertAmanda LimCountry, Storm King 2022
714484Intermediate2023 Wish You Well Bernard FanningAmy Van Lohuizen Pop, Convention 2023,
87333EasyIntermediate2018 Why Don't We Just Dance Josh TurnerDenise JenkinsCountry, Storm King 2018
911594Intermediate2021 Wasted Time Keith UrbanJan ColeCountry, Convention 2021
107013EasyIntermediate2015 Up Olly MursJenny AdamsonPop, Convention 2015
113496Advanced2015 Trouble Jennifer Hudson and Iggy AzaleaLeanne NicholsonHip Hop, Rap, Convention 2015
1215195IntermediatePlus2023 To The Bar Cooper AlanNeville FleggCountry, Clogtober 2023,
139114Intermediate2019 Throwback Love Meghan TrainorJodie BignellPop, Convention 2019
1410562BasicPlus2021 This Is It Oh The LarcenyAnnette CornishConvention 2021
1515272BasicPlus2023 That Dont Bother Me Catherine BrittJan CollinsCountry, Convention 2023,
1613685IntermediatePlus2022 Take It Somewhere Amber LawrenceChris AndersonCountry, Convention 2022,
1713021Basic2022 Stronger Kelly ClarksonJenny NealPop, Country, Convention 2022,
1813015IntermediatePlus2022 Steal My Love Dan and ShayAmanda LimCountry, Convention 2022,
1915243EasyIntermediate2023 Something Goods Gonna Happen The Wolfe Bros ft Amy ShepardJan ColeCountry, Storm King 2023,
203505IntermediatePlus2015 Somebody To You The VampsJason and Leanne NicholsonPop, Storm King 2015
2111543EasyIntermediate2021 Soda Pop Robbie Williams and Michael BubleJodie BignellPop, Convention 2021
226732BasicPlus2018 Simple Florida Georgia LineKathy HedgerCountry, Convention 2018
235145IntermediatePlus2018 Send My Love AdelePeter Wee and Cheryl HollandPop, Convention 2018
2412974Intermediate2022 Secret Samantha JadeIrmgard HuddyPop,Convention 2022,
2511643EasyIntermediate2021 Salt Ava MaxAmanda LimPop, Clog On 2020
2612293EasyIntermediate2022 Runaway Train Andrew SwiftJan CollinsCountry, Aussie Clog 2022
2714474Intermediate2023 Roll On Fanny LumsdenVickie Dean Country, Riverwood Downs 2023, Convention 2023,
2811583EasyIntermediate2021 Outrageous Amber LawrenceSunstate CloggersCountry, Convention 2021
2910465IntermediatePlus2021 One Too Many Keith Urban & PinkCheryl HollandConvention 2021
3010452BasicPlus2021 Old Time Fiddle Mike DenverFrances LookConvention 2021
317744Intermediate2019 Oh Me Oh My Oh Derek RyanChris AndersonCountry, Convention 2019
3213512BasicPlus2022 No Excuses Meghan TrainorLynda TurnerPop, Clog On 2022,
336712BasicPlus2017 Nancy Mulligan Ed SheeranMaureen MillerCeltic, Pop, Convention 2017
3412933EasyIntermediate2022 Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 and Christina AguileraRos Matheson Pop, Convention 2022,
355983EasyIntermediate2019 Miss Me More Kelsea BalleriniMaureen MillerCountry, Convention 2019
367724Intermediate2018 Misbehavin PentatonixMacel JohnstonPop, Vocal, Acapella, Convention 2018
3714096Advanced2023 Memphis T Shirt Melanie DyerAmanda LimCountry, Aussie Clog 2023,
3810053EasyIntermediate2021 Memories Maroon 5Chris AndersonPop, Storm King 2020
3911532BasicPlus2021 Love Songs Daryl BraithwaiteCheryl Holland and Monika PocervinaPop, Clog On 2020
4012902BasicPlus2022 Long Walk Brandy Clark Trevor DewittSinger Songwriter, Convention 2022,
417714Intermediate2018 Lonely Drum Adam GoodvinGlenn DaleCountry, Convention 2018
426692BasicPlus2018 Let's Dance Declan NernayLoraine WhitfieldCountry, Storm King 2018
4313676Advanced2022 Left and Right Charlie Puth BTS Jung KookAmanda LimPop, Convention 2022,
446853EasyIntermediate2012 Knee Deep Zac Brown BandScotty BilzCountry, Storm King 2012
4512873EasyIntermediate2022 Keith Kaylee BellJodie BignellCountry, Convention 2022,
4610375IntermediatePlus2021 I'm Coming Home Adam BrandVickie DeanConvention 2021
479016Advanced2019 Hustle PinkAmanda LimPop, Convention 2019
4815263EasyIntermediate2023 Humble Ian MunsickThe NicholsonsCountry, Convention 2023,
496672BasicPlus2015 Here Comes My Baby The MavericksFrances LookCountry, Pop, Convention 2015
5012802BasicPlus2022 Happy Anywhere Blake Shelton feat Gwen StefaniCheryl Holland Country, Convention 2022,
5112394Intermediate2021 Grenade Bruno MarsChris AndersonPop, Convention 2021
5211964Intermediate2021 Got A Feeling Tim HicksSally KayCountry, Convention 2012,
5313394Intermediate2022 Good To Go LONIS ft Daphne WillisMacel JohnstonPop, Clog On 2022,
5414592BasicPlus2023 Good Day For Marrying You Dave BarnesLynda TurnerCountry, Convention 2023,
5512794Intermediate2022 Gone West Gone WestPaula SchettersCountry, Convention 2022,
5611573EasyIntermediate2021 Gimme That Rhythm The BordererSIrmgard HuddySinger Songwriter, Convention 2021
5715323EasyIntermediate2023 Giddy Up Shania TwainChris AndersonCountry, Riverwood Downs 2023,
5814584Intermediate2023 Giddy Up Shania TwainKathy HedgerCountry, Convention 2023,
5912773EasyIntermediate2022 Fast As I Can Crawl SidelineThe NicholsonsFolk, Convention 2022,
606662BasicPlus2018 Family is Family Kacey MusgravesVickie DeanCountry, Convention 2018
619164Intermediate2021 Dynamite BTSChris AndersonPop, Riverwood Downs 2021
6210256Advanced2021 Don't Gimme That The BossHoss, The Tijuana WonderbrassPeter DeanConvention 2021
636642BasicPlus2015 Dixie Road Nathan CarterCarol JamiesonCountry, Storm King 2015
6412052BasicPlus2021 Dime Store Cowgirl Kacey MusgraveVickie DeanCountry, Clog On 2020
6515344Intermediate2023 Dancin in the Country Tyler HubbardChris AndersonCountry, 2023
6614552BasicPlus2023 Dance In The Kitchen Emily RoseGabrielle Vaccaro and Gabrielle BarnierCountry, Convention 2023,
6711501Basic2021 Cotton Pickin Time Blake SheltonOlive BorovskyCountry, Storm King 2020
6811975IntermediatePlus2019 Compass Lady AntebellumPatti Koorneef and CArol MurdochCounty, Convention 2019
6915604Intermediate2022 Come Turn Me On Casey BarnesChris AndersonCountry, Aussie Clog 2022, Convention 2022
707654Intermediate2017 Cheap Thrills SiaDenise JenkinsPop, Storm King 2017
7115643EasyIntermediate2022 Cant Help Myself Dean Brody and The ReklawsAnnette CornishCountry, Clog On 2022
729564Intermediate2017 Cake By The Ocean DNCEAuckland and Nelson CloggersDance, Convention 2017
737104Intermediate2015 Black Magic Little MixAmy and Meg Van LohuizenPop, Convention 2015
746823EasyIntermediate2018 Better When i'm Dancin' Meghan TrainorGeorgia NicholsonPop, Convention 2018
7515635IntermediatePlus2023 Best Day Of My Life American AuthorsRos Matheson Pop, Convention 2023,
7611445IntermediatePlus2021 Babe Sugarland fet Taylor SwiftJason and Leanne NicholsonCountry, Clog On 2019
7712696Advanced2022 All My Lovin High ValleySheryl Baker and Trevor DewittCountry, Convention 2022,
7813702BasicPlus2023 A Rag and A Fiddle The Good BrothersChris AndersonCountry, Storm King 2023
7911466Advanced2021 2002 Anne-MarieNeville FleggPop, Clog On 2020
8015334Intermediate2020 1159 Central Standard Time The RailersJan ColeCountry, Storm King 2019
SELECT * FROM cuesheets WHERE deleted != 'on' AND dancelist = 'on' ORDER BY level, title
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Dance List Archive

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