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ACA National Dance List

What is the NDL?

The National Dance List (NDL) is used widely throughout the Clogging fraternity in Australia. It provides a common curriculum for clubs in Australia and enables cloggers to participate in social dancing at any location around the country. It forms the basis for social dancing at the ACA National Clogging Convention and many other workshops. The NDL contains dances across five different levels:

At the end of each calendar year, Australian Club Leaders have the opportunity to vote dances off the list and to vote new dances onto the List. Dances voted onto the list cannot be voted off for at least 2 years, except in Advanced where they can be voted off after 1 year. For more details on this process, please login and visit the Club Resources Page (Members' only!).

How Do I Get It?

It's easy to make a printed copy of the NDL, but exactly how you do it depends on your operating system and browser.

First of all, click on the thumbnail image of the NDL in the Click here... box. Then find the Print option in your browser. Try right clicking within the browser window, or click on the Open Menu (3 bars or 3 dots) icon at the top right of the browser window. When you find Print, click on it and follow the prompts to select and use your printer.

If you want to see or download the Cue Sheets of the dances on the NDL, go to the Cue Sheets page.

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Click the thumbnail below to download the current NDL...

Dance List Archive

Want to go down memory lane? Here are current and previous National Dance Lists in PDF format...

If you do not have the free Adobe Reader necessary to read PDF files, you can get it from Adobe by clicking on this icon.