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Clogging during COVID-19

Worldwide Clogging Fun Dance

Necessity being the mother of invention, a Worldwide Clogging Fun Dance was quickly organised by USA cloggers Trevor Dewitt, Johanna Healey & Jeff Driggs. It is a live-streaming event on YouTube and is taking place every Sunday morning Australian time (after the end of daylight saving, 10:00am EST) which is Saturday evening in North America.

There are several ways to participate in the live-streamings. The links below will take you straight there. Click for more, click again for less...

On YouTube search for clogdancing or Worldwide Clogging Fun Dance. More information on Trevor Dewitt's clogging webpage or Jeff Drigg's clogging webpage. If you have a smart TV, it may have the YouTube app on board or loadable, and you can watch and dance to it on the big screen! Use a computer or smart phone and you'll be able to participate in the chat while the streaming is live.

Grand Finale Fundance Replay...

Episode 9 Fundance Replay...

Episode 8 Fundance Replay...

Week 7 Fundance Replay...

Week 6 Fundance Replay...

Week 5 Fundance Replay...

Week 4 Fundance Replay...

Week 3 Fundance Replay...

Week 2 Fundance Replay...

Week 1 Fundance Replay...

Clogging Associations

Square Dancing in Australia

Modern square dancing in Australia has been going for over 60 years and is best described as "fun and friendship set to music".


USA based clogging organisation. C.L.O.G. is a leadership organization that fosters education, networking, and a family-friendly environment for those who love to clog.

USA based clogging organisation. C.L.O.G. is a leadership organization that fosters education, networking, and a family-friendly environment for those who love to clog.

Clogging Champions of America

Clogging Champions of America promotes interest in clogging, competition and runs one of the major USA clogging championships.

Northern California Clogging Association

For Information on Clogging in Northern California

SoCal Clogging Association

Welcome to the SoCal Clogging Association! Southern California has one of the largest collections of organized cloggers in the United States.

Texas Clogging Council

The heart and "sole" of Clogging in Texas

Illinois Prairie Clogging Association

Illinois Prairie Clogging Association organises and promotes several statewide clogging events each year.

European Callers and Teachers Association

Official Website of the European Callers and Teachers Association e.V.

Square Dancing in Geelong

Geelong based square dance website with clogging merchandise

Clogging Resources

Maureen Miller's YouTube Channel

Here you will be able to see Stephen Hope from EZ Cloggers demonstrating many of the dances from the ACA National Dance List.

Partners In Dance [Email link]

We supply all your needs for Square Dancing, Round Dancing and Clogging. Email us or call Bev 0427-135 442 or Nev 0417-729 263

Glory Dance Shoes

Glory Dance Shoes are an Australian company which sells Glory Clogging Shoes, Tap Shoes, Clogging Tap Plates and Accessories.

Perry's Place

Perry's place is a wonderful resource for records, syllabi, taps and most things associated with clogging. They are also reliable when receiving orders by email or fax.

Carl's Clogging Supplies

A clogger's favourite. They sell PA systems, recorders, videos, buttons, badges, taps and clogging apparel.

The Double Toe Times

The Double Toe Times is an American clogging magazine, active until 2017, but with archives available.

Stevens Clogging Supplies

Stevens sell clogging shoes, taps and apparel plus some records and cassettes.