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Where Can I Clog? (Club Diary)

Beginners' Class News

Do you want to learn clogging? See announcements on Beginners' Classes below. If you don't see any beginner classes listed in your area, contact the relevant club leader and make enquiries. They might start a class just for you!

Orange NSW

Blue Heeler Cloggers will again be participating in the Baby Boomers Program. New beginner classes are available for anyone over the age of 10 years, starting on Wednesday 27th June 2018 at 6:30pm in the CWA Hall, Robertson Park, Byng St, Orange NSW 2800. For more information contact Shelby on 0401373010 OR visit our website OR our Facebook page

Starting a New Beginners' Class?

Get your new Beginners' Class listed here. Send all details to
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In the tables below, where a Club name appears as a hyperlink (yellow & underlined) you can click on the hyperlink to open up the Club's own webpage.
Where the Contact's name appears as a hyperlink, you can click on the hyperlink to compose & send an email to the Contact.

Levels: B = Basic; B+ = Basic Plus; EI = Easy Intermediate; Int = Intermediate; Int+ = Intermediate Plus; Adv = Advanced

Australian Capital Territory

Website link
if available
Email link
if available
181MorningKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncB - B [Kinder]Louise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
287AfternoonKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncEI - Int [Junior]Louise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
182EveningKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncB - Adv [Adults]Louise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
290AfternoonKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncInt+ - Adv [Teens]Amy VAN LOHUIZEN (0427) 282 704
179Afternoon Kambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncB - B+ [Junior]Louise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
288EveningKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncInt+ - Adv [Teens]Louise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
289AfternoonKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncEI - Int [Junior]Amy VAN LOHUIZEN (0427) 282 704
304MorningKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncB - B+Louise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
261MorningKambah CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncEI - IntLouise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
183EveningTurner CanberraCapital CloggersB - AdvKathy HEDGER (0408) 866 764
Thursday - (No Classes)
184MorningMelba CanberraSilver Soles Cloggers IncB - EILouise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410
Saturday - (No Classes)
185MorningBungendore NSWSilver Soles Cloggers IncB - EILouise FRODYMA (0411) 270 410