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Webmaster Holidays

The ACA Webmaster will be absent from mid January to mid February 2019. Because I will not have regular internet access, I may be very slow in dealing with requests for website updates, members' login or password assistance. They may have to wait until I get back.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but even volunteers are entitled to holidays!

Many thanks, and best wishes to all members...
Mike Salon, Webmaster

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Online membership forms are now available on this website, for both new member applications and membership renewals.

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Existing members can access their online renewal form by logging on at the Member's Login. If unable to renew online, please phone 1300 780 017 or email to request a personalised renewal form.

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Please only use a hardcopy application form if it is not possible for the prospective member or someone assisting them to apply online.

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