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Other ACA Contacts

Other Contacts
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Accreditation Coordinatoraccredit@cloggingaustralia.comInstructor Accreditation *Vickie Dean
The accreditation panel consists of members from each state of Australia.
Choreography Competition Coordinatorchoreocomp@cloggingaustralia.comChoreo Comp *Amanda Lim
Nathan Ballard
Cue Sheet Checker - Chris Anderson
Cue Sheet Checker - Donna Cartwright
Cue Sheet Checker - Easy Maureen Miller
Cue Sheet Checker - Jenny Neal
Cue Sheet Checker - Robyn Dossett
Cue Sheet Librariancuesheetlibrary@cloggingaustralia.comCue SheetsFrances Look
Dance List Coordinatordancelist@cloggingaustralia.comNational Dance ListNina Annand
Chris Anderson
Dictionary Coordinatordictionary@cloggingaustralia.comStep Dictionary *Stephen Hope
Historianhistorian@cloggingaustralia.comHistorical Timeline *Kathy Hedger
Instructor / Leader Leanne Nicholson
Merchandise Officermerchandise@cloggingaustralia.comACA MerchandiseJason Nicholson
New Zealand Jean Watford
Newsletter Editor/Designernewsletter@cloggingaustralia.comACA Newsletters *Jasmine Dawes
Newsletter Reporterreporter@cloggingaustralia.comACA Newsletters *Paula Schetters
Public Kathy Hedger
Resource Librarianresourcelibrarian@cloggingaustralia.comResource Library *Graeme Brown
Systems Jan Collins Mike Salon