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Welcome to the Australian Clogging Association (ACA) website. We hope you enjoy your visit. If you are looking for information on classes near you, visit the class lists. If you would like more information on any section, would like to know more about clogging in Australia or would like to make clogging contacts then make contact with one of our executive as shown on the Committee Page.

Beginners' Class News

Do you want to learn clogging? See announcements on Beginners' Classes below. Most beginners' classes are on early in the calendar year. If you don't see any beginner classes listed in your area, contact a nearby club leader and make enquiries. Find Class Contacts area by area by clicking the link. They might start a class just for you!

Webmaster Holidays

I will be overseas from now until the end of July 2024. For at least part of the time, I will not have internet access, and no development hardware anyway. I may be able to deal with simple requests, but generally, they'll have to wait until I get back, hopefully they will be sitting safely in my inbox. Password resets and similar requests can be handled by Jan Collins, so please contact her in the first instance. Jan will save up a list of jobs for me on my return.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but even volunteers are entitled to holidays!

Many thanks, and best wishes to all members...

Mike Salon, Webmaster

Key Events Calendar

Fri 13 Sep 2024 28th ACA National Convention (WA) The 2024 Convention will be held in Mandurah, Western Australia.
Fri 08 Nov 2024 Clog On, Anglesea VIC Clog On is a fun weekend organised by Neville Flegg and Cheryl Holland.
Watch this space for any updates as they occur.

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You can join the ACA by completing the online application form. Visit our Membership page to see the benefits of membership and get to the online application form.

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Current ACA members can now renew online, but you have to be logged on first. Login, then you'll see Renew My Membership in the main menu.

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A link to the ACA quarterly Newsletter has been emailed to all financial members who have a registered email address and have not requested a hardcopy version. Be sure to look for it in your inbox. If you can't find the email with the link to the newsletter, have a look in your Spam folder or your Promotions folder, just in case the unfamiliar sender was rejected by your email client. If you still can't find the email, let me know at Enjoy the latest newsletter!


Hi, I'm Mike Salon, and I'm the ACA Webmaster. If you have any feedback on device compatibility, style, layout or colour schemes, please email them to ACA Webmaster. Forgive me if you find any bugs or broken links, but please feel free to point them out!


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